July 9-13, 2018

Patriots History Camp: Out of Many, One

A collaboration between the Atlanta Preservation Center and the Colonial Dames (Atlanta) brings children aged 9-12 (incoming 4th-6th graders) to the historic Lemuel Pratt Grant Mansion for an immersive week bringing history to life and developing a new perspective on the founding of our country.

Each day begins and ends at the Lemuel Pratt Grant Mansion, where campers experience five action-packed days of bringing history to life.  Through engaging experiences and absorbing visual triggers, campers will gain an understanding of the five principles which form the core of the Declaration of Independence and the definition of liberty. 

Day one's theme explores "All men are created equel....", while day two examines "Endowed with inalienable rights...."  On Day three, campers discover "Among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.." and day four discusses "Governments are instituted to secure these rights."  The final day explores "Men derive their powers from the consent of the governed..."   Along the way, student patriots will be immersed in roleplaying and theme-related activites to form a unique persepctive on the founding of our country.  With the aim of grasping the privileges and responsibilities that American freedom awards, young patriots will come to grasp the meaning of our national motto:  Out of Many, One.   Daily camp activities include field trips, hands-on activites and crafts, Colonial High Tea, role playing, journaling, creative problem solving, demonstrations, and colonial and modern games.  Campers will be provided daily home-cooked colonial lunches and a minimum of two snacks per day. 

Patriot's Camp Details:

Dates:  July 9-13, 2018

Time:  9:00am - 3:00pm  (Carpooling, early drop-off and extended day are available by special arrangement.)

Ages:  9-12 (incoming 4th - 6th graders)

Availability:  Open to 12 campers through merit-based scholarships

Fees:  Wavied due to merit-based scholarships; $350 value

For application materials and inquiries, click here or email Chrissie Wayt at cswayt@att.net.