Helping to Preserve Atlanta's Past for Its Future

What Is the Atlanta Preservation Center?

The Atlanta Preservation Center is the City’s private non-profit preservation organization. It was founded in 1979 to promote the preservation of Atlanta's architecturally, historically and culturally significant buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes through education and advocacy.
Throughout its operation the Atlanta Preservation Center (APC) has worked to make a richer environment in the City by advocating for Atlanta’s historic resources. We have sought to bring an awareness of the existence and value of a diverse range of treasures and to propose ways in which they can be made viable assets for use and purpose in the life of the City.
In cooperation with the Atlanta Urban Design Commission; the Historic Preservation Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; Easements Atlanta; the Atlanta Regional Commission and many other organizations and individuals, the APC has helped to preserve and revitalize countless resources throughout Atlanta. Our interests have involved us in the local and national designation of Historic Districts such as Fairlie-Poplar, Auburn Avenue and Grant Park and in the protection and redevelopment of individual buildings including Ivy Hall, the Castle, the Georgian Terrace, the Biltmore and the Glenn Hotel.  We have put our efforts into concepts as comprehensive as the BeltLine and as specific as the restoration of the Sidney Lanier Monument in Piedmont Park.
The 1856 Lemuel Pratt Grant Mansion in the Grant Park Historic District was once described by City historian Franklin Garrett as the City’s "most historic building," but the L.P. Grant Mansion nearly lost the battle for survival until the APC restored it to purposeful use as our headquarters.
Our website is a tool to learn about APC’s current advocacy projects including the Circle Wye Railroad Junction and proposed adjacent historic district, Memorial Drive Corridor, Judge Wilson House and English Avenue School, our list of Atlanta’s Most Endangered Historic Places, as well as exciting preservation successes such as the Atlanta Daily World, Clermont Hotel and the Peters House/ Ivy Hall, along with efforts to expand the State tax credits to stimulate preservation-based redevelopment.
In addition, the APC seeks to create a climate for preservation through education. Our nine guided historical Walking Tours raise consciousness and present the history of Atlanta to residents and visitors alike. These showcase the unique sense of place created by our historic resources. Our education programs introduce concepts of history, preservation, architecture and civics to students in grades kindergarten through 12. The annual Phoenix Flies Celebration is a capstone event which presents many entities that contribute to preservation and to the life of the City.  The APC’s website, internet outreach and newsletters provide information and insight throughout the year.
You too can be a part of saving, shaping and enjoying the history of Atlanta! Join the APC today!