The Wrecking Bar

Kriegshaber House

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Image courtesy of Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

The Kriegshaber House, known also as the "Wrecking Bar Brewpub," is a Victorian home which has eclectic elements of Roman, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, with a distinctive semicircular front portico and classical Corinthian columns. The architect Willis F. Denny II also designed Rhodes Hall and many other notable buildings in his short career. Originally, the building was the residence of Victor H. Kriegshaber who served in executive positions for countless business, civic, philanthropic and cultural organizations. Additionally, this site has been a church, a dance studio, and an architectural antiques store which is where the "Wrecking Bar" name originates. The home underwent an extensive restoration in 2009-2011, allowing for owners Bob and Kristine Sandage to realize their dream of opening a microbrewery. Now known as the Wrecking Bar Brewpub, this structure adds vibrancy to its area while still retaining its historical character.

Address: 292 Moreland Avenue NW Atlanta, GA  30312
Area of City: South of Downtown
Time: 1900
Architect/Designer: Willis F. Denny