Fort Peace

The Castle

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Pictured is Atlanta medallion from the Cotton States and International Exposition of 1885 that is mounted above a fireplace.

Owner and designer Ferdinand McMillan, who made his fortune in Atlanta an inventor and business man, called his home "Fort Peace." Eight medallions from the 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition are part of the interior decor on the main floor. Now known as "The Castle," it was the center of a preservation conflict in 1986 when Mayor Andrew Young referred to it as "a hunk of junk." An agreement to save the building was reached with AT&T which developed the adjoining site. The building has local landmark designation. Maintenance issues had caused the Atlanta Urban Design Commission to consider taking action for the stabilization of the building. This property is privately owned and has been undergoing extensive renovations since 2013.

Update: The property at Fort Peace is now serving the city of Atlanta as an example of how an historic structure can inject life into an area while maintaining its character. Fort Peace now operates a new, vibrant restaurant from within the space while retaining a renovated historic interior and its historic nickname, The Castle. As of August 31st, 2015, Fort Peace was listed on the Georgia Register of Historic Places. This designation assures expanded protection and recognition from the local designation, with hopes being to expand on this protection further by placing the structure on the National Register of Historic Places.

Listed in 2009

Address: 87 15th Street Atlanta, GA  30309
Area of City: Midtown
Time: 1904-1911
Architect/Designer: Ferdinand McMillian