Marye on Peachtree

Randolph-Lucas House

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Vintage photograph of the Randolph-Lucas House.

The Randolph-Lucas House is a reminder of the homes that once lined Peachtree Street in Buckhead. Designed by Atlanta architect P. Thorton Marye, the Georgian Revival home was patterned after an 18th century Virginia home owned by an ancestor of the original owner.  To redevelop the property for condos in 1997, the developer, Urban Group, agreed to designation of the house as an Atlanta Historic Building, to move it 65 feet and to restore and maintain it.

In the fall of 2012, the Condominium Association for 2500 Peachtree was granted a demolition permit to demolish the home.

The Atlanta Preservation Center has been advocating on the behalf of the Randolph Lucas house for the past twenty years and we are happy to say that it has found a new home on Peachtree Circle in the Ansley Park neighborhood. We appreciate the dedication of the new owners to acquire, move and restore this wonderful piece of Atlanta’s history. The APC would like to thank all who have worked to get the Randolph Lucas house to the point where it can be moved and used once again as a residential property. Buckhead Heritage Society has been spearheading this latest advocacy project of securing a new location and arranging safe passage with the support of the Atlanta Preservation Center, the Georgia Trust, the City of Atlanta and a host of other groups.


Listed in 2007

Address: 2495 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA  30305
Area of City: Buckhead & North
Time: 1924
Architect/Designer: P. Thorton Marye