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Pictured is the Ida B. Williams Kindergarden

In 2001, the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) was contemplating the future of 11 schools built between 1907 and 1932. Some had not served as schools since the 1970’s while others where scheduled to close that year. The school closings are due to consolidation, declining enrollments, shifting populations, duplication of schools after integration, poor condition or too small acreage. In 2005, the APC added 5 schools to this list.

Through its Build Smart Program, APS continues to evaluate all of its properties and their use. While the focus of APS is on building and rehabilitating schools for educational purposes, school buildings are important to the history of their community and Atlanta. Schools serve as anchors of communities. They are often the center of activity and play a prominent role in the daily life and history of a community. Many were designed by the top architects of their time. A solution to rehabilitate APS school buildings for educational or other uses should be sought.

Following is a list of the schools sited in the 2001 and 2005 Most Endangered Historic Places List with updates.

Schools Closed as of 2001 Address Year Built Year Closed

Benn Hill Elementary - Demolished

3844 Campbellton Rd SW, 30331 1932 1995

Bolton Elementarty - Demolished

Site is now Bolton Academy and APS, IB School that replaced Pitts and Mitchell Elementary Schools as anticipated in 2001.
2268 Adams Dr NW, 30318 1932 1976

E.R. Carter

As of March 2012, empty boarded up.
1157 6th St NW, 30318 1928 1994

Chattahoochee Elementary

This site is now part of Chattahoochee YMCA Head Start Academy.
2751 Peyton Rd NW, 30318 1911 1977

Cooper Street

As of April 2013, still standing a boarded up.
405 Cooper St SW, 30312 1922 1970

Crogman Elementary

As of April 2012, this building is a part of Walter Lenard Parks Middle School.
1093 West Ave SW, 30315 1923 1979

English Avenue Elementary

As of August 2011, this building was still standing and boarded up.
627 English Ave NW, 30318 1911 1972

Highland Elementary

This school is now Highland School Lofts.
978 North Ave NE, 30306  1911 1972
Schools Scheduled to Close as of 2001 Listing      

Ragsdale Elementary

An April 2012 image of a school building at this address appears to be new construction. It is now called William M. Finch Elementary.
1114 Avon Ave SW, 30310 1930  

W.F. Slaton Elementary

This building is now home to the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, Elementary Campus.

688 Grant St SE, 30312 1907  

Anne E. West Elementary

This building is now home to the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, Middle School Campus.

820 Essie Ave SE, 30312 1928  
Schools Added in 2005      
Adair Park Elementary 711 Catherine St SW, 30310 1912  

Anderson Park Elementary

An image dated 2012 shows this school still in use.

2050 Tiger Flowers Drive, 30314 1956  

John Wesley Dobbs Elementary

This school has been demolished.

1965 Lewis Rd SE, 30315 1951  

Lakewood Heights Elementary

An image dated 2012 shows this school boarded up with a for sale sign.

335 Sawtell Ave SE, 30305 1932  

Ida B. Williams Kindergarden

This building is used by E. Rivers Elementary which is accross the street.

2380 Peachtree Rd NW, 30305 1912-15  


Due to recent developments at APS, the APC’s Advocacy Committee will implement a significant update of school properties to be watched.

Listed in 2005, 2001

Address: Various
Time: 1907-1932
Architect/Designer: Various