How can there be historic preservation in Atlanta? Didn’t Sherman burn it all?

We at The Atlanta Preservation Center hear this question often and, in this year – the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta and the burning of the City – we have the ideal time to answer:  No, Sherman did not destroy everything.  You will have a chance to visit the APC’s headquarters which date to 1854-56, and we have a City filled with historic treasures which represent more than 150 years of Atlanta’s culture and achievement.  We believe this is what gives Atlanta a unique sense of place and a richer daily experience, and it is for this purpose that our mission of preserving and protecting Atlanta’s historic and culturally significant buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes is pursued.  To this end we rely on our preservation partners – all those who value Atlanta’s history and share the rewards of that pursuit with everyone who experiences the City.  We are celebrating the efforts of over 80 of these partners in this year’s Phoenix Flies.

Our City rose as the phoenix from the ashes of Sherman’s devastation 150 years go.  Now we showcase the rich variety of that 150-year flight of progress.  As a standard for what is worthy of preservation, we use the benchmark of National Register of Historic Places eligibility.  This means that what we seek to preserve is valued not only as a worthy part of Atlanta’s but also of the Nation’s history and culture.  The National Register seeks the preservation of historic entities which are 50 years old or older and which retain the integrity of their historic character defining features.  Thus, qualifying sites may now be eligible if they were built before 1964.

Please attend as many of our free events as you can and you will experience what a wonderful and inclusive history Atlanta has to offer.

F.H. Boyd Coons

Executive Director