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Anniversary Photography Project Book

The Decennial Phoenix Flies: A City-Wide Celebration of Living Landmarks Anniversary Photography Project is a documentation of the works created for the 10th anniversary celebration of Phoenix Flies by artists Shelia Pree Bright, Terrell Clark, John Dean, Stephanie Dowda, Jody Fausett, Jeff Keesee, David Yoakley Mitchell and Rob Simmons.

This 8” x 10”, 90 page, hardcover book includes 81 images with accompanying text that provides information about the subject of the image and the organization that cares for or highlighted this site during the Decennial Phoenix Flies.
The book is available for purchase for $48.60 (includes tax) at the APC or for $55.00 (includes tax, shipping & handling) by clicking here or by calling 404-688-3353 ext. 11.