Trio Laundry Dry Cleaning Building

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Trio Laundry Building located at 20 Hilliard Street SE

The Trio Laundry Dry Cleaning Building, built in 1910, is a contributing structure in both the local Martin Luther King Jr. Landmark District and the National Registers’ Martin Luther King Jr. Historic District. The property was purchased in 2009 by the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) with no plans of redevelopment beyond remediation of soil and water contaminants. By 2011, part of the building’s roof collapsed. Because the roof was not repaired or the structure stabilized, the building has continued to deteriorate, reaching the point where the City of Atlanta condemned it in December 2012 due to immediate hazardous conditions to neighboring properties and the general public. In June 2014, AHA applied for a demolition permit which was issued by the city in August 2014. Thanks to the efforts of local preservationist, including the APC, demolition was averted. The Atlanta Preservation Center is advocating for the adaptive reuse of the building to contribute to the community. 

Address: 20 Hilliard Street SE Atlanta, GA  30312
Area of City: Downtown
Time: 1910