Upchurch-Kelley House and Garden

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This two-story house, an early design by Thomas Bradbury, architect for the current Governor’s Mansion, sits on a six-acre nature preserve in Buckhead, The house is surrounded by large boxwood, and the veranda overlooks the main azalea garden and amphitheater. Seventy-year-old hemlocks, Japanese magnolias, rhododendrons and other evergreens can be found throughout the property. Stone walls and paths create a maze one side of the garden and granite steps lead to the fishpond on the other side.


This home was demolished and the site is now the Sarah Smith Intermediate School which is the campus of Sarah Smith Elementary's 3-5 grades. It was opened in 2010.

Listed in 2005

Address: 4141 Weiuca Rd NW Atlanta, GA
Area of City: Buckhead & North
Time: 1933
Architect/Designer: Thomas Bradbury