“Meet me at Tom Pitts”

Pitts House & Dairy Farm

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This yellow-brick and stone bungalow was built 1919 for Thomas Pitts, the owner and operator of a very popular and profitable soda fountain and cigar store at Five Points for more than 30 years. “Meet me at Tom Pitts” was a familiar invitation during that time.

The house, outbuildings and land were a complete dairy farm which supplied the milk for ice cream and sodas served Pitts’ fountain. The farm includes a water well, water tower, large single-story cow barn, garage, two cottages and ten acres of pasture. The site was place on the National Register in 1979.

From  City records, permitting in 2008 indicates that the property was in the preliminary process of subdividing the parcel. The City lists the current owner of this property as Cascade Glades LLC which filed for bankruptcy in October of 2011.

Listed in 2003

Address: 3105 Cascade Rd SW Atlanta, GA  30311
Area of City: Southwest of Downtown
Time: 1919
Architect/Designer: Unknown