Underground Atlanta

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Underground Construction late 1920's from

Underground Atlanta is a National Register District that occupies the site of the City's earliest commercial development and contains remnants of 19th century buildings which were rediscovered and made part of a tourist attraction in the 1960’s, 70’s and again in 1987-89 in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games.  

Plans are currently underway for redevelopment of this area on December 16, 2014 the Atlanta Journal- Constitution reported that South Carolina developer, WRS Inc. Real Estate is under contract to purchase the 12 acre property for $25.75 million. Initial plans call for a mixed-use development with a grocery store and above ground apartments.  Scott Smith, President and CEO of WRS Inc. expects to close on the deal in mid-2015.  The company’s plans for the historic buildings are unknown at this time.  The APC advocates for the preservation and incorporation of the historic structures in the new project.

04/23/2015 Update:

The APC attended a neighborhood meeting at the Center for Civil Innovation to discuss the Underground Atlanta sale and development.  Neighborhood residents were clear that they wanted to have a development that will be additive to their community, but not at the cost of their unique historic environment, which most people feel is a strong asset.  WRS Inc. made a short statement and took several questions, but did not state clear intentions for the historic properties within the project.  The APC remains concerned about Historic Underground Atlanta.

Underground and Greater Downtown area photos- November 25, 2014

1978 National Register Nomination and supporting material

1989 Advertising Information Packet

December 17, 2014 AJC Article

Listed in 2014

Address: Upper and Lower Alabama Street, Atlanta, GA
Area of City: Downtown
Time: Late 19th and early 20th century
Architect/Designer: Various