Preservation with a Purpose


The mission of The Atlanta Preservation Center is to promote the preservation of Atlanta's architecturally, historically and culturally significant buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes through education and advocacy.

Education work is done through programs such as Box City®, Moving Sidewalks, Urban Experience, Phoenix Flies and Guided Walking Tours

Advocacy is accomplished through continuing staff and volunteer involvement.  By capturing the attention of individuals, developers, business and community leaders and government officials, the APC emphasizes and publicizes the importance and benefits of preservation to effect results.

In addition to the efforts and accomplishments listed on our History page, the APC set an example for advocacy with its 2001 purchase of the then-derelict Lemuel Pratt Grant mansion.  Built in 1856, this Grant Park house which had suffered war, abuse, fires and neglect became APC’s headquarters.  The task of not only making the structure fully habitable but also restoring it to its former stately status is one that only true preservationists could envision – or would dare to undertake!

Preservation is a powerful avenue by which many goals can be reached.  The president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation summed them up thusly:  “…a tool for economic rebirth and renewal.”  “…preservation creates jobs, supports businesses, and revitalizes communities.”  It is “… a tool for combating the challenges of vacancy and abandonment.”  (Preservation, July/August 2011, p.4)

The Atlanta Preservation Center is proud to be a participant in this powerful movement. With your support, we will continue helping to preserve Atlanta’s past for its future, with all the attendant benefits that can be derived therefrom.